Waterstone Resource Fiber

Waterstone Resource Fiber Ltd, a subsidiary of Waterstone Norway, is based in Kenya. We support the production and sustainable use of bamboo along the whole value chain – from certified seedlings to advanced industrial bamboo products, such as furniture and flooring, panels, and countertops.

Forest projects

Waterstone Resource Fiber supports both large and small afforestation and reforestation programs, often involving local community groups and farmer cooperatives, in East Africa. This creates jobs, prevents soil erosion, helps slow climate change, and protects watersheds and standing natural forest.

Why bamboo in Africa?

Ladies and forest

Bamboo is a grass, and as such is a rapidly renewable natural resource. It matures fast, and can be harvested every year, with no replanting, for as long as it lives (30 – 80 years, depending on species and conditions). Bamboo offers a higher net energy output pr acre than any tree species, and can under good conditions produce up to 5 times more biomass than eucalyptus per acre. There are about 1500 different species of bamboo, with a wide range of characteristics and potential uses. Various bamboo specieis grow well under various conditions, both in rich, moist soil conditions, on arid and semi-arid land, and in tropical highlands.

A bamboo industry

Bamboo that is grown and produced under environmentally sound and socially acceptable  conditions can help improve livelihoods, create jobs, and improve living conditions in rural Africa. It is optimally suited for supporting a renewable, biomass-based industry – as bioenergy, pulp for paper and textiles, construction, manufacturing of furniture and household products, and food, beverages, bio plastic and medicines.

Teragren Bamboo Flooring, Countertops, Panel and Veneer

Waterstone Resource Fiber Ltd is the distributor of Teragren®  sustainable bamboo flooring, panels, countertops and veneer. These bamboo products live up to the highest environmental and quality standards.

Since 1994, Teragren® has been committed to developing and manufacturing beautiful bamboo products that:

· Enhance home and business environments for years and years
· Pay farmers and their families fair-market prices for raw materials in China
· Pay fair wages to factory workers in China
· Reduce dependence on dwindling timber resources
· Rely on renewable-resource materials
· Adhere to stringent, environmentally sensitive specifications
· Promote green building
· Provide a quality product that has no negative impact on human health

Today, Teragren® is one of North America’s leading developers of environmentally friendly bamboo building products, and that mission hasn’t changed.

As the industry leader in creative design, application and new product innovation, Teragren® offers a wide selection of stylish and sustainable products. The result is beautiful, durable, renewable bamboo products that are perfect for every installation type.

Teragren® product samples can be seen, and orders made at UWS Ltd´s bamboo showrom in the Chequers Flag building on Ngong Road, near Karen Village, Nairobi.

Waterstone Resource Fiber Ltd

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