Waterstone A/S, based in Norway, is a subsidiary of Waterstone Norway. We develop and design sustainable products for industrial markets.

Waterstone textiles: A part of the solution

Our core business is the production and development of environmentally friendly textiles for the Scandinavian large-customer market. Textiles by Waterstone are next-generation, viscose-based natural fabrics, produced without harmful chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. We avoid using cotton, due to its huge negative environmental impact.

Waterstone textiles: Attractive and functional, good for your skin, and good for both your and Mother Nature’s health!

Waterstone is the only company in Norway that can supply truly sustainable towels and bed-linen for large-customer use, tested in real-life conditions and industrial washing machines – at competitive prices. With our products the whole value chain is checked, fully documented, and professionally certified.

There is a rapidly growing demand for new, sustainable textile products and services. Governments are increasingly requiring that tendering and procurement take environment, climate and ethics into account. Also climate change is making problems with production of cotton, forcing textile producers to find new solutions and to innovate.

The sustainable Waterstone textile
The cotton problem

The world needs to move away from cotton. Cotton represents the ugly and destructive side of plant-based fibers. Its production consumes 25% of the world’s insecticides and 11% of all poisonous chemicals used in agriculture globally –  on less than 3% of the area, polluting waters and rivers severely.

The use of chemicals is even worse in the developing world, where much of cotton is produced. However, cotton’s largest environmental impact worldwide is related to its water use. Producing 1 kg of cotton requieres 22 500 litre according to the Water Footprint Network.

“Eco-friendly” cotton uses less pesticides and harmful chemicals, but is still hugely demanding with regards to space and water requirements.

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